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Let WMK give you the power to make informed decisions and calculated risks. For most organizations, analyzing terabytes of data and understanding the trends is very difficult without effective graphical interactive visualizations.

At WMK, we have teams of expert business analysts and data scientists to help you build data visualization on your ever-changing data. Our experts are well versed with different data visualization tools to help your company obtain the most out of your data.

Our Data Visualization Process

The Data Visualization Challenges WMK Can Solve

WMK helps our customers to develop visualization solutions that are unique to their specific data challenges.

Here are the challenges WMK can solve for your company:

No More Manual Reporting

WMK can eliminate hours spent building spreadsheets, stretching charts and framing graphs. Our Visualization experts can integrate all your data into eye-catching visuals updated in real time that you can share and discuss with your team for an enhanced decision-making. We will enable your company to join different types of data sources, run cross-database queries on the fly and perform advanced calculations on data stored in various locations. WMK will create best-in-class interactive dashboards with real-time data adapted to your individual needs.

Collaborate Effectively

Today’s ways of working are more collaborative than ever. WMK will provide the automation that will allow you to share and edit your dynamic reports with colleagues or investors on-demand and make better data-driven decisions to bring your business a step further.

Cloud Based Integration

The WMK Visualization roadmap is entirely cloud-based but we can integrate with your existing virtualization infrastructure if you need us to work within your environment.

Tools We Use to Generate Data Visualization
Adaptive Insights
Chart Blocks
Dundas BI
Fusion Chart
Google Data Studio
Micro strategy
Power BI
Qlik Sense
Yellow Fin

Case Study in Driving Insights though Visualization and Automation:

This global manufacturer of energy products engaged 3 teams across 20 staff members to manually enter provide market relevant insights upon which key sales decisions were made. The WMK teams reduced the need for such manual data entry and data manipulation through the deployment of a single automated dashboard.

The customer provided the WMK teams 55 excel spreadsheets to analyze. From these sheets, we developed a visualization platform that delivered the key marketing and sales insights needed to drive our customer’s business growth.

After exploration, engineering and design, we deployed a sophisticated automated dashboard that reduced the analysis time of the marketing and sales teams by 80% while providing richer, more accurate, faster and actionable sales insights to grow their business: