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Your organization is unique and so are your cloud architecture needs. The WMK Cloud Solutions team will work collaboratively with you to define and implement a cloud strategy by assessing your workflows, short and long-term business objectives and security needs. Perhaps you have a preferred devOps tool or in-house analytics platform that you’ve developed. Maybe your data is in the cloud but you are lacking the architecture to harvest your data for business actionable insights.

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The most cost-competitive pricing in the market

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Deployments at the speed of your business

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Harness the power of AI & ML with advanced technologies

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Hybrid capabilities to meet your tailored needs

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Scale IT resources up and down based on business needs

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Transform your business with a full suite of cloud-based services

WMK delivers and supports your data on a foundation of intelligent enterprise that drives business success.


If your organization lacks the internal resources needed to take full advantage of the many features and capabilities available in the cloud, then partnering with WMK is the right choice. WMK will play a vital role in planning and implementing your new or ongoing transition programs to the cloud.

Discover what most companies are learning about the cost savings, business benefits, elasticity and ease-of-use of Cloud Computing. Our Cloud Services teams at WMK will support your global infrastructure while maximizing your companies invents into your cloud programs. With our various cloud certifications, matched with our experience and expertise, WMK has the resources and technical expertise necessary to support your IT operations in the cloud around the world. Whether your unique situation requires lift-and-shift, newborn-in-cloud, or anything in-between, we can manage your move to the cloud.

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Our Cloud Services

Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure

Maximize resources with Virtualization: Our enterprise architecture team provides the expertise and resources needed to implement a virtual infrastructure for your business, including server and desktop virtualization solutions.

What is Virtualization?

In essence, virtualization is a way to deliver hardware through the use of software. For example, implementing a virtualized server environment can allow a business to add server capacity without buying, installing and maintaining additional physical machines. Deployment of virtualized machines can happen quickly and efficiently since there is no additional hardware involved. Virtualization also serves to maximize resources and minimize waste capacity by creating a flexible pool of servers and storage.

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So what are the benefits of Virtualization?

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Reduces capital expenditures of buying new hardware/servers

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Reduces deployment time & managing physical servers

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Reduces costs associated with powering & cooling data-centre

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Saves physical storage space & maintenance

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Zero hardware waste & disposals

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Optimizes application availability & performance

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Simplifies business continuity & disaster recovery

Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Powered by the cloud, WMK will drive your costs down

Desktops-as-a-Service. It’s more than just a shift in technology; it is a shift in the way we think about data and a shift in the way people work.

The ROI - Reduced I.T. Costs, Increased Security, Performance and Mobility

WMK’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) products remove end-user mobility barriers by providing virtual desktops via the Microsoft Azure cloud, Amazon Web Services, or IBM Blue Mix. We deliver end-users their personalized desktops and all their applications to any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Check out the key benefits below and we are sure you realize that our DaaS Solutions will save you time, money, all the while keeping your workforce mobile and secure! Let WMK show you how Desktops-as-a-Service can benefit your organization!

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Key benefits of Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS)

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Capital Expenditures
Fixed monthly fee makes for greater budget predictability

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Future Proofing
Always be current with imminent technologies

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Enhanced Affordability
Streamlined support to reduce per desktop costs

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Flexible to scale up or down your technology

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Competitive Advantage
Level the playing field for small businesses

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Instantly Mobile
Work security from any device, anywhere with internet

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Workstation Cost Reduction
Extend your workstation replacement cycle

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Disaster Recovery
Centralized backup and restoration

Cloud Security

WMK’s Propriety Cloud Security

WMK’s cloud security priority products will protect your data, applications and infrastructures involved in cloud computing. Many aspects of security for cloud environments (whether it’s a public, private, or hybrid cloud) are the same as for any on-premise IT architecture.

High-level security concerns—like unauthorized data exposure and leaks, weak access controls, susceptibility to attacks and availability disruptions—affect traditional IT and cloud systems alike. Like any computing environment, cloud security involves maintaining adequate preventative protections so you:

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Know that the data and systems are safe

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Can see the current state of security

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Know immediately if anything unusual

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Can trace and respond to unexpected events

Why cloud security is different

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While many people understand the benefits of cloud computing, they’re equally deterred by the security threats. We get it. It’s hard to wrap your head around something that exists somewhere between amorphous resources sent through the internet and a physical server. It’s a dynamic environment where things are always changing—like security threats. The thing is that, for the most part, Cloud Security is IT security. And once you understand the specific differences, the word “cloud” doesn’t feel as insecure.

Dissolving perimeters

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Security has a lot to do with access. Traditional environments usually control access using a perimeter security model. Cloud environments are highly connected, making it easier for traffic to bypass traditional perimeter defences. Insecure application programming interfaces (APIs), weak identity and credentials management, account hijacks and malicious insiders may pose threats to the system and data. Preventing unauthorized access in the cloud requires shifting to a data-centric approach, Encrypt the data, Strengthen the authorization process, Require strong passwords and 2 factor authentication, Build security into every level.

Sophisticated threat landscape

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Sophisticated threats are anything that negatively impacts modern computing which—of course—includes the cloud. Increasingly sophisticated malware and other attacks like Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are designed to evade network defences by targeting vulnerabilities in the computing stack. Data breaches can result in unauthorized information disclosure and data tampering. There’s no clear solution to these threats, except that it’s your responsibility to stay on top of the cloud security practices that are evolving to keep up with emerging threats – WMK can help you win this fight.

Cloud Backup

Any threat to your data is a threat to your business. The SFM Cloud backup strategy will replicate, protect and manage your organizational data. Our Back-up solutions can either replace or complement on-premise backups to ensure business continuity and multi-layered data redundancies. We protect your data to ensure redundancy.

WMK Cloud backup solutions enable your enterprise to replicate your data in a remote data centers that will enable your enterprise to have all of its critical data and system accessible in the event of a disaster. Add more advanced data replication options, such as Geo-Redundant Storage (GRS) and Geo-Zone-Redundant Storage (GZRS) and your risk of data loss and ability to recover quickly increases dramatically.

Our Azure Storage and Backup solutions always store multiple copies of your data so it is protected from planned & unplanned events, including hardware failures, network or power outages and catastrophic manmade and natural disasters. Data redundancy ensures that your storage account is extremely risk-tolerant, even in the face of failures.

When deciding which redundancy option is best for your business, consider the tradeoffs between lower costs and higher availability and durability. Factors for which redundancy option you should choose include:

How your data is replicated in the primary region

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Whether your data is replicated to a second region that is geographically distant to the primary region, to protect against regional disasters.

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Whether your application requires read access to the replicated data in the secondary region if the primary region becomes unavailable for any reason.

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WMK offers a variety of backup solutions tailored to meet your disaster recovery needs. Don’t wait-your data is just too important.

Integrate Cloud Services

WMK can also deliver a host of other cloud related implementations to help your business drive costs down. We are experts with the entire range of Microsoft integrations and know how to drive value across your data value chain.

WMK can help your organization implement the following solutions:

Analytics Services

Citrix Solutions

Compliance Solutions


Disaster Recovery Solutions



Hosted Web Apps

Managed Security

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Skype for Business

Network Managed Services

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual Linux Machines

VMware Solutions





Website Hosting Service

You can now get the exceptional service you have come to expect from WMK for your website hosting needs, too. WMK provides a fast, reliable and secure hosting environment with 24X7X365 support in a controlled environment backed up by a staff of experienced administrators. Include your website hosting with WMK as part of your overall cloud strategy.

Just Trying to Get Your Site Up?

You’ll have direct access to our network and software engineers and get the concierge service you need to quickly get past those frustrating problems that delay your site launch or upgrades.

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Peace of mind—Just as we do with your internal networks, we pay particular attention to the security and backup of your websites. Ongoing monitoring of your websites, servers and cloud resources ensures a high level of security and we verify on a daily basis that backups and replication of your mission-critical data have occurred successfully. This extra attention guards against the loss of information and preserves your site’s integrity.

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Web Hosting Service
Where a number of websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. Each site “sits” in its own section on the server to keep it separate and secure from other sites.

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Hosting Service
A company or organization has their own dedicated server and only their websites reside on it.

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WMK now provides email hosting enhanced by technologies provided by our partner Webroot.

With constantly evolving security threats, relying only on internal anti-virus/anti-spam protection is not enough. Stop threats BEFORE they get inside your network. Coupled with our e-mail hosting packages, SonicWall’s Spam Filtering services will protect you 24×7 from the wide range of spam, virus, spyware and fraudulent phishing attacks. All clients hosting their emails through our service receive the benefits of:

  • Server-side Spam Filters
  • Server-side Anti-virus Protection
  • Webmail
  • Web-based access to manage Quarantines, Blacklists and Activity Reports.