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We look beyond the hype of AI and Machine Learning to translate it into quantifiable and customized solutions to data-intensive problems. WMK’s AI and Machine Learning Services are tailored to help companies create applications to uncover hidden data value, monetize data, provide consumer intelligence and seamless consumer journey solutions, improve operating efficiency and develop innovative solutions to disrupt established workflows and business processes. We make Data Sciences “Real” to drive growth and profitability for the customers we serve.

Our mission is to be your partner for growth and success

Create technology programs that fit your specific organizational needs

Deploy automated business and growth processes to maximize the value of your organization’s data

Create information not for the sake of only gaining knowledge, but for taking business action

Drive the latest technologies that will sustain your organization in the long term while reducing the investment cycle for new platforms

Our data science programs focus on creating a deep understanding of your organizational process & how to fit technology into your goals
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WMK's problem-solving capabilities

B2B: Sales Force Optimization

Sales Targeting and Sales Force Optimization – drove 495K leads converted using AI Engine

Business Problem:

The largest global manufacturer or energy products delayed their sales pipeline and reduced their opportunity scale and reach with inefficient sales opportunity identification and lead prioritization. Simply put: their sales force of 1,000+ representatives were focusing their time and efforts not on the most attractive leads, but on those prospects that their “gut” told them might convert to a win


The WMK data science service deployed an optimized AI machine via a mobile app to automate and target those opportunities that had the highest probably of converting – at the highest price points - within pre-designated strike zones.

Economic Impact:

495,000 leads were pushed through the sales funnel to a win – a YTY increase of 325% and net rev increase of $340M

How did we do it?

Combined, engineered, and automated disparate behavioral data sources: Internal CRM lead data, order data, install base, and external firmographics information from 15 separate warehouses.

Applied targeting analytics to score leads by their level of attractiveness, profitability, and likelihood to convert using proprietary WMK algorithms (WMK turnstile).

Applied AI engine to drive a sustainable and adaptable targeting solutions – decision engine adapts to changes in data structures, market conditions, competitor dynamics, and internal company forces.


Financial Services: Reduce Cost by adopting AI/ROBOTICS

Slash costs by simplifying legacy systems, taking SaaS beyond the cloud, and adopting robotics/AI

Business Problem:

The ever-spreading cost base leaves less budget available for capital investment into new technology, driving a vicious cycle of increased operating costs. This is in clear contrast to the would-be disruptors, who typically have far lower operating costs, only buying what they need when they need it. It does not have to be that way. In fact, a wide variety of banking and capital market institutions are spending up to twice as much as they need to on IT.

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Human and robotics- enabled business processes that reside within the enterprise or in cloud, liberated by component-based modern core system.

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Economic Impact:

25% - 40% cost reduction by replacing human centric process with RPA.

AI powered banking apps: Enhanced customer experience

Track user behavior and provide valuable personalized suggestions for enhanced customer experience.

Business Problem:

With increased banking transactions and financial behaviour, it is a time-consuming process to recommend or show services, offers, and insights based on user search patterns, transaction history etc. Tech-savvy customers, exposed to advanced technologies in their day-to-day lives, expect banks to deliver seamless experiences. To meet these expectations, banks have expanded their industry landscape to retail, IT and telecom to enable services like mobile banking, e-banking and real-time money transfers. While these advancements have enabled customers to avail most of the banking services at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, it has also come with a cost for the banking sector.


Augmented process that replaces third party involvement so that the transaction can be executed in real time using AI process.

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